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Five Advantages of the Type-C Cable

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With the popularity of Type-C, more and more electronic products have introduced electronic devices that support Type-C interfaces. Cable USB Type-C will also be mass-produced by data line factories for supply to major electronic devices. Why is Type-C so popular and so quickly accepted? Because it has so many advantages, it just caters to people’s needs. We are to introduce five main advantages of cable USB Type-C.

type c data cable

1.Both sides can be inserted

Does not distinguish between positive and negative, random insertion, turnovers zero, users don’t worry too much about positive plug is on, the other plug is not right, and Type C enough to replace other USB interface, because the Type-C is both the front and back of the card can be inserted, the description of the professional is the interface without direction.


A major feature of the Type C interface version is the transfer speed, which is more than the previous version doubled the theoretical bandwidth from 5Gbps to 10Gbps, it can do the USB 3.1 speed standard.

3.Power supply is stronger

Type-C interface with USB3.1 standard can provide up to 100W power output, USB Typc-C interface can be two-way power supply: either to the device itself, but also to power external devices, device charging time can be reduced accordingly .

4.Support video transmission

Many electronics industry also fancy the development potential of USB-C interface, have to USB-C media to expand its function. VESA, the video electronics standards group, introduced the “DisplayPort over USB-C” program for the United USB-IF, which enabled the USB-C interface with DP video transmission.

5.Long lasting

Type-C head metal with matte thickened material, including aluminum case protection, with up to 10,000 times more plug life and strength.

Type-C cable is mainly used in mobile phones, computers, electronic equipment and medical equipment. The industry generally believes that Type C data line with its lossless signal transmission, large capacity transmission, simple and convenient connection has become the world’s consumer electronics standard one of the representatives of the digital TV future development.


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