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How to Identify HDMI, DP/DVI, VGA, AV, Audio and USB Interfaces?

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The development of audio-visual equipment in recent years is very fast, high-definition player, network player, Blu-ray player, 3D player and so on an endless stream. No matter how the function of audio-visual equipment changes, its fundamental purpose is to better serve people and meet people’s needs. New features, new interface will be in the audio-visual product features can not meet people’s entertainment life came into being. As the old RCA can not meet the 1080P high-definition entertainment standards, a new generation of HDMI interface took the HD video transmission responsibility. This article will introduce several common video interface detailed parameters.

1. HDMI interface

There are three common HDMI interface, as shown above.

HDMI A TYPE: standard HDMI interface, width 15MM, height about 5MM;

HDMI C TYPE: Mini HDMI interface, width 10.5MM, height about 2.5MM;

HDMI D TYPE: Micro HDMI interface, width 6MM, high about 2.3MM, high-definition interfaces such as mobile phones and other digital devices.

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2.DP / DVI interface

HDMI cable for tv

Standard DP interface: Width 17MM, high about 6.3MM;

DVI-D interface: DVI 24 +1 interface, width 24MM, height of about 7.8MM, DVI-D can only transmit digital signals;

DVI-I interface: DVI 24 +5 interface, width 24MM, height of about 7.8MM, DVI-I can transmit digital signals and analog signals can be used to convert digital to analog DVI to VGA.

3. Apple series interface

Apple series interface is divided into three types, see above.

Mini DP Interface: Width 7.6MM, height about 4.6MM. Mini DP interface and DP interface agreement, can be reciprocal;

ThunderBolt: lightning interface, width 7.6MM, height about 4.6MM. Green Mini DP interface perfect lightning interface compatible;

Mini DVI Interface: Width 11.3MM, height about 7MM.

4.VGA AV analog signal interface

VGA Interface: Standard VGA female interface has 15 pinholes, width 15.8MM, height of about 7.8MM;

AV composite video interface: marked as red, white and yellow, red and white transmission of left and right channel audio, yellow transmission of video brightness and color difference signal, so called composite;

Color difference component interface: Y / Pb / Pr. The green line (Y), the transmission luminance signal, the blue and red lines (Pb and Pr) transmit the color difference signals.

5. Audio Interface Series

6.USB interface

Currently common USB version USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 version,

USB 2.0 common interface: standard USB interface, Mini USB interface, Micro USB C to HDMI interface;
USB 3.0 Common Interface: Standard USB 3.0 interface, Micro USB 3.0 interface.


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