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How to fix the phone stand for car?

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Phone stand for car in today’s market can be described as already flooded, all kinds of styles, all kinds of materials, all kinds of functions, now popular back with the ring bracket and magnetic phone stand for car. In fact, the popularity of these two scaffolds is not unreasonable, the former mini-compact, the latter firmly solid. However for us there is a bad place. Is to paste things on the phone.

How to fix the phone stand for car?

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This non-stick magnet chip phone stand for car easy to use, and the common magnetic phone holder looks very much. By the roof, ball and base, these three parts. 360 ° free rotation to adjust the best line of sight. Phone stand for car base is paste type, whether it is car or home, as long as it is greater than 30mm horizontal plane can be affixed fixed.

Although the mobile phone holder’s top cover contains magnets, but it is not to absorb the phone, but the use of magnetic steel balls play one hand free rotation. At the same time the magnet is not the choice of strong magnets, covered with a layer of special material on the surface of the viscose, no matter what material can be placed directly on the paste. In order to ensure the stability of the phone so sticky, generally after the top glue will stick in the phone after the shell, you need to pull it down to get it. Magical place is, remove the roof, the phone will not leave any trace of the shell surface. When the viscose is dirty or viscous weakens, the top cover is rinsed with water to dry and then reused.


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