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Infrared Thermometer Fi01

  • FS-Infrared Thermometer016

Measurement range

The temperature of the subject is shown by measuring the thermal radiation of the forehead.


Product performance

Accuracy:          measurement deviation ≤±0.2°C.

Speed:             measurement time 1 second.

Easy to use:     One-click measurement, easy to operate.

Non-contact:       For forehead measurement, do not touch the human skin, avoid cross-sense.

Fever alarm: Free to set alarm temperature.

Number of use:   button 100,000 times.

Large screen display: large screen LCD white backlight display, can read clearly at night.

Storage data: Store 100 measurement data for easy analysis and comparison.

Setup modification:  Settings parameters can be modified.

Unit conversion :  °C, can be converted to each other.



Not applicable.


Special storage conditions and methods

Products must be kept clean and placed in a dry ground. Do not place an infrared thermometer in an electric shock.

Do not place the infrared thermometer in an extreme temperature environment above 50°C or below -20°C and humidity above 95%.


Technical index:

1. Normal operating conditions: ambient temperature :15°C ~35°C

 Relative humidity :≤85%

2. Supply Voltage: DC3V (2 Section 7 AAA Basic Battery)

3. Product Size :  86.75x40x136.8mm (length x width x height)

4. Weight : about 90g(without battery)

5. Measurement range : 32°C ~42.9°C (body temperature):

0°C~100°C (object temperature)

6. Accuracy :   32°C ~34.9°C  ±0.3°C

35℃~42℃     ±0.2℃

42.1℃~42.9℃ ±0.3℃

7. Power consumption:  ≤150 MW

8. Measurement distance :3cm~5cm

9. Automatic shutdown.:≤15 seconds



Product description

This product is mainly composed of infrared probe assembly, main circuit board assembly, LCD display assembly and shell assembly.


1、   Infrared probe  

2、   LCD screen

3、   Measurement key

4、   Mode Key(Mode)

5、   Memory Key check(Mem)

6、   Setting Key(set)

7、   Battery cover


Method of use


- Follow the maintenance recommendations in this specification.

- This product is suitable for professional or household use.

- Please keep the product out of reach of the child.

The ambient temperature of the product must be between 15°C and 35°C.

- Do not place an infrared thermometer in an electric shock.

- Do not place infrared thermometers in extreme temperatures: above 50°C or below -20°C.

- Do not place an infrared thermometer above 95% humidity.

- The front infrared detector is fragile.

- Do not touch infrared detectors with your finger.

- Do not expose infrared detectors to sunlight or water.

- Do not drop products.

- If you find any problem, you should contact the seller and not repair the product by yourself.

- Do not use in the presence of electromagnetic interference.

- Please follow the local laws and regulations to dispose of the product's end-of-life waste and residue.



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