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Non-woven Fabric with 3 Layers Disposal Face Mask

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High quality personal breath protection Disposable Face Mask 3 Layer

Disposable face mask
1. Non-woven
2. Soft and non-irritating
3. 3-ply
4. High filtration and easy to breath

1. 3-ply protection,highly breathable
2. Adjustable nose piece, ear loops
3.The higher fluid resistant layer,extra soft.Designed specifically for people with sensitive skin,the better the protection from exposure to blood and splash/spray/spatter. (Fluid resistant layer meet ASTM F1862)
4. Flammability Class1

Brand & ItemCarestone | disposable face mask / PP nonwoven face mask
ColorWhite / Blue / Green / Yellow / Pink
Style1) 3 ply ear loop; 2) 3 ply tie-on;
3) 2 ply ear loop; 4) 2 ply tie-on.
MaterialPP nonwoven fabric, melt blown filter
SizeAdult : (width)17.5*(high)9.5 cm
Child : (width)14.5*(high)9.5 cm
Fabric DensityInner layer : 16-30 g/m2PP nonwoven
Middle filter : 20 g/m2 melt blown filter
Outer layer : 16-20 g/m2 PP nonwoven
Other FeaturesLatex & fiberglass free
Non-irritating to skin, soft, comfortable, odorless
Performance data1)PFE(Particle filtration efficiency) : avg. 93% at 0.1 microns or higher
2)Differential pressure, delta p (breathability): avg. 1.6 mm H2O
3)BFE(Bacterial filtration efficiency) : avg. 95% or 99.9% at 2.7 microns or higher
ApplicationUsed in hospital, clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, food processing, beauty salon, electronics industry, etc.
Quality SystemsManufactured in a facility holding the CE, ISO 9001:2008 certifications.
Storage InstructionsStore in a dry, cool place (<40°C) away from direct sunlight and fluorescent light
Packaging1)50 pieces per box, 40 boxes & 2000 pieces per carton
2)1 piece per bag, 50 pieces per box, 40 boxes & 2000 pieces per carton


1-ply40 g/m2SBPP
2-ply20+ 20 g/m2SBPP+SBPP
3-ply20+20+25 g/m2SBPP+FILTER PAPER+SBPP


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