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Personal Ppe Suit Type 5 And 6 Coverall Disposable Full Suite Micropore Polyethylene Safety Protective Clothing

Product Name: Medical Protective Clothing for Emergency Supplies
Specifications and Models:
Model:One-piece, split

*Fabric Material:Non-woven fabric + breathable film PE+ non-woven fabric PP
*Sterilization treatment: ethylene oxide sterilization (according to customer requirements)
*main structural components: The product consists of a hooded top and pants.
*product performance: GB 19082-2009
*Sterile or non-sterile, single-use.
  • Protective clothing (11)
  • Fulsan
  • 160cm, 165cm, 170cm, 175cm, 180cm, 185cm

Personal Ppe Suit Type 5 And 6 Coverall Disposable Full Suite Micropore Polyethylene Safety Protective Clothing


Product Performance and Structure

The medical protective clothing for emergency supplies (hereinafter referred to as protective clothing) is composed of hooded jacket and trousers, and made of PP / PE composite non-woven fabric, which is sewn and glued with adhesive strips or adhesive. The cuffs and ankles of the product are elastically closed, the hats are closed at the face, and the waists are elasticized, drawstrings or buckled.

Products are available in sterile and non-sterile form. Sterile products are sterilized with ethylene oxide.

Scope of Application:
It is suitable for providing barrier and protection for users contacting with the blood, body fluids, secretions and particles in the air of patients with potential infectivity.

Before using the product, check whether the tightness of the product is intact, tear it apart according to the tear position on the packaging, unfold the protective clothing, unzip the zipper, extend into the legs from the zipper opening, then wear a shirt and reach out from sleeve, wear a headgear, pull the zipper from the front of the chest and buckle it in the opposite direction, tear off the double-sided adhesive on the placket, and buckle the placket

Contraindications: None
Installation and use instructions: None
Product Maintenance and Method: None
Storage Condition and Method: The product should be stored at room temperature
Sterilization Method: Sterile products are sterilized with ethylene oxide
Production Date: See the label.    
Service Life: Non-sterile products are valid for 2 years and sterile products are valid for 1 year.

Precautions, Warnings, and Informative Instructions:

1. The product is provided in two forms, sterile and non-sterile, for one-time use. It is recommended that the maximum use time does not exceed 24 hours, and repeated use is forbidden;
2. The user should be careful when removing the contaminated protective clothing, and do not contaminate the harmful substances due to the removal of the protective clothing. If the protective clothing is contaminated, certain pollution purification procedures need to be taken before removing the protective clothing;
3. When the product packaging is damaged, it is forbidden to use and should be innocuously treated;
4. Use of this product is forbidden when it expires;
5. Please refer to the package seal and outer box for the production date, service life or batch number;
6. The product's technical requirements are missing GB19082-2009 flame retardancy.
Explanation of figures, symbols, abbreviations used in medical device labels.

Product description
Product name
disposable protective coverall, non-woven coverall, protective clothing
with/without hood/boots,elastic cuff/ankles/waist
From 30gsm to 60gsm, according to customer's requirements.
1pc/bag, 50bags/ctn
Terms of payment
T/T, L/C,West Union, PayPal etc.
Light weight, breathable, anti-dust, waterproof, anti-static, anti-oil
Free Sample
OEM service
We provide the OEM or ODM service

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