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What Are Functions of the Apple USB-C Cable?

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Apple USB-C cable interface, also is called the USB-C, at the bottom of the phone for the uses of charging, data transferring and other purposes. Type-C double-sided plug-in interface with the biggest feature is to support the USB interface, double-sided insert, formally solved the “USB will never be allowed to” the world’s problems, both positive and negative plug. At the same time with it supporting the use of USB data cable, it must also be more detailed and more portable. So what is the function of tte Apple USB-C cable? The following features told by Vention’s technical staff are for everyone to know.

apple usb c cable


In theory, the maximum USB-C port transfer rate is 10Gb / sec. But Apple said the new MacBook USB-C port maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps. The maximum output voltage of 20 volts, can speed up the charging time. The USB-A type, so far the ultimate transfer rate of 5Gbps, the output voltage of 5 volts.


The new MacBook’s USB-C port can transfer data, charge it, and link external display devices as video output ports. The only question is how Apple meets users who want to do all three things at the same time.


USB Type-C unlike older USB ports, power is only unidirectional, USB-C port power is bi-directional, which means it can have two transmit power modes. Therefore, users can not only use laptop for mobile devices, you can also use other devices or mobile power for laptop charging.

4.Backward compatible

USB-C is compatible with older USB standards, but users need to purchase an additional adapter to complete the compatibility. Apple said not only the official will sell adapters, third-party companies can also authorize the production.

The above is the Vention’s technical staff for everyone to introduce the TYPE-C data cable’s four major functions. Now, with the ever-evolving electronics industry, Apple USB-C cable have become an integral part of our lives.


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