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Wholesale Air Pollution Disposable Mask Face

Our non-woven face mask is made up of top-grade non-woven fabrics with 3 layers.
1.Non woven face mask is made of spunbonded non woven fabric and meltblown non woven fabric.
2.It can be used in protect face from the dust,water and bacteria.
3.Conforms to international standard.
4. Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.
5. With multi-layered non-poisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials.
  • Face Mask (009)
  • Fulsan
  • 7.5*18cm

Wholesale Air Pollution Disposable Mask Face 

Disposable face mask
1. Non-woven
2. Soft and non-irritating
3. 3-ply
4. High filtration and easy to breath

Brand & Item Carestone | disposable face mask / PP nonwoven face mask
Color White / Blue / Green / Yellow / Pink
Style 1) 3 ply ear loop; 2) 3 ply tie-on;
3) 2 ply ear loop; 4) 2 ply tie-on.
Material PP nonwoven fabric, melt blown filter
Size Adult : (width)17.5*(high)9.5 cm
Child : (width)14.5*(high)9.5 cm
Fabric Density Inner layer : 16-30 g/m2PP nonwoven
Middle filter : 20 g/m2 melt blown filter
Outer layer : 16-20 g/m2 PP nonwoven
Other Features Latex & fiberglass free
Non-irritating to skin, soft, comfortable, odorless
Performance data 1)PFE(Particle filtration efficiency) : avg. 93% at 0.1 microns or higher
2)Differential pressure, delta p (breathability): avg. 1.6 mm H2O
3)BFE(Bacterial filtration efficiency) : avg. 95% or 99.9% at 2.7 microns or higher
Application Used in hospital, clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, food processing, beauty salon, electronics industry, etc.
Quality Systems Manufactured in a facility holding the CE, ISO 9001:2008 certifications.
Storage Instructions Store in a dry, cool place (<40°C) away from direct sunlight and fluorescent light
Packaging 1)50 pieces per box, 40 boxes & 2000 pieces per carton
2)1 piece per bag, 50 pieces per box, 40 boxes & 2000 pieces per carton

Layer Weight Material
1-ply 40 g/m2 SBPP
2-ply 20+ 20 g/m2 SBPP+SBPP
3-ply 20+20+25 g/m2 SBPP+FILTER PAPER+SBPP

Material  PP + filter paper + PP
Gram weight 20g+20g+25g / customize
Size 17.5cm × 9.5cm 
Color White,green,blue,yellow,orange,purple,pink,grey,black and other available color
Style Ear-loop/tie-on
Type 3 ply
Percent  BFE ≥99%
Package 50pcs/box , 40boxes/ctn
Certificate CE,ISO13485
Terms of payment T/T, L/C, escrow, pay pal, etc.
Application medical & health  / laboratory / clean room / beauty salon
Sample free
MOQ 10000pcs

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