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1920X1080P@60Hz @30Hz extender hdmi to fiber SC FC converter fiber optica usb hdmi

  • FS-Fiber hdmi 006

Product Description
Product Name
Fiber To HDMI USB Converter Extender

Product features
Support the max resolution 1920×1080@60Hz, input resolution by self-adaption,no need setting.
Support USB2.0. Options
Support the audio of HDMI cable.
Support USB keyboard and mouse Options
Fiber optical transmission distance can max reach up to 300 meters (multi-mode), and the single-mode transmission distance can max reach up to 100km.

  • Product description

This product is composed of transmitter and receiver. It can extend the audio, video and USB of the mainframe computer or video recorder to the far-end through a single optical fiber cable. The user will receive the image and the sound of the computer for real time at the far end and also can use the computer. In the same time, the user can also use the computer at the near end.


Our products will be used in monitoring, traffic police and traffic management, energy and power supply industry, government departments, medical systems, commercial display, multimedia function hall, public utilities and other fields.

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ATD201-HDMI T/R Fiber To HDMI Converter Use the Best quality Power Adapter,to make sure working performance good,  Fiber Model Interface , HDMI interface,also and Audio all use the best, 
Fiber Model Interface use the new module , Have SC LC FC Optional, Also have Single Mode and Multi mode Optional, Single mode support 100Km at most. and Multi mode 300M at most.
HDMI Interface, support  HDMI 1.2, HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4 Cable, Support Max Resolution 1920x1080@60Hz. Input resolution by self-adaption, no need setting
Indicator Light: 

P: Power light:  It will always light up after power on 

F: Fiber light: It always light up after fiber connected, and will not light up when fiber disconnected.

D: Data light:   It will light up when the transmitter connected to the video signal, and this light will be twinkled when have data transmission.

Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction

1, TX port: It is for transmitter A, IN input is connected to computer, OUT is connected to video loop and local display.

2, Audio: Audio connector which connected to the computer (It only can transmit audio when have video input).

3, Fiber: Fiber optical interface 

4, USB: Using USB cable to connect computer.( it's Optional)

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