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4K 1080P Mini Dp Thunderbolt to HDMI Cable 6FT 1.83m

Displayport to HDMI Cable
Male to Male 1.8M, 3m
100% Pure Copper conductor
24K Gold-Plated Connector with Dust cap
  • Mini dp to hdmi (dp to hdmi)

  • Fulsan

  • 854442

  • 120g/pc

  • 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m

4K 1080p Mini Dp Thunderbolt to HDMI cable 6FT 1.83M

*Mini DP to HDMI cable male To male
*Gold plated connector
*28/30AWG mini displayport cable
*Supports Full HD 1080P resolution.
*Full EMI and RF shielding
*Connector: 20-pin 30U male, shell nickel plated, and 24k gold pins 15U
*Cables: UL 20276(1P+D+AL+MYLAR)*5+5C+AEB,
*Voltage: DC 300V 2M ohm/10ms
*Contact resistance: 2ohm MAX

1) Connection: Mini Displayport male to HDMI 19pin male
2) Displayport 1.1A standard displayport cable
3) Support high-resolution up to 1080P
4) Support transfer rate up to 6.75 Gbps
5) Supports bandwidth: 225MHz/2.25 Gbps/channel
6) Vertical Frequency Range: 162 MHz
7) Standby detection? Standby enter into sleep mode automatically
8)Supported * MacBook 13-inch (MC516LL/A) * MacBook PRO 13-inch (MC374LL/A, MC375LL/A) * MacBook PRO 15-inch (MC371LL/A, MC372LL/A, MC373LL/A) * MacBook PRO 17-inch (MC024LL/A) * iMac 21.5-inch (MB950LL, MC413LL/A) * iMac 27-inch (MB952LL/A, MB953LL/A, MB953LL/A) * Mac Mini (Server) (MC270LL/A, MC438LL/A)

This Mini Displayport to HDMI cable assembly is the perfect solution for extending your new Apple monitor cable. With this mini displayport extension cable, you can easily connect the new Apple LED Cinema Display at longer distances from your computer. Extend your uni-body MacBook, MacBook PRO, MacBook Air, Mac PRO, iMac, or Mac Mini video connection displayport cable

1. White displayport Cable
2. Molded ends with strain relieves for reliability
3. Brand new high quality generic cable.
4. Support 8-bit & 10-bit deep color.
5. The video and audio bandwidth support up to 10.8Gpbs
6. Support one lane, one direction, four-line connection.
7. Solid Pure Copper Conductors
8. Shielded to block out RF and EM interference
9.8.64 Gbps
10. Enable high quality optional digital audio transmissions.
11. Pure digital connection; Supports video and audio.
12. Supports ESA and Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) standards.

As the inheritor of the HDMI, the DisplayPort will intensify the high definition A/V signal's
The new DisplayPort is able to send both video and audio signals from the PC or Home Systems
This high end DisplayPort cable also supports the higher resolution and refresh rate
Supports data transmission rate of 10.8Gbps, enough to transmit the uncompressed audio and video
Supports 8-bit and 10-bit deep color, and 1Mbps bi-directional auxiliary channel for equipment

Brand:  Fulsan
Product Name:  Fulsan high speed 1.4v 3d 2160p thunderbolt to hdmi cable
Version: 1.4v
Model No.:  VAI-P02
Color: White
Length: 1.83m or customized
Connector type: Mini DP to HDMI Cable
Connector material: 24K gold plated , corrosion-resistant
Conductor material: High Purity Oxygen Free Copper
Conductor number: Standard 19 core wire
Shielding: Aluminum foil, anti-jamming shielding
Shell material: PVC environme n tal material
Quality Inspection:  Passed 5 high standard quality inspections for maximum reducing the defective rate.
After-sale Service:  5 years warranty
Mini DP to HDMI cable 4 Mini DP to HDMI cable 5

DP TO hdmi 11 DP TO hdmi 12 DP TO hdmi 13
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